Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still cleaning out prims!

Well I am still at it. Can't seem to find an end in sight yet!!! Where did I have all this stuff? Okay, so maybe I am a hoarder, yes there I said it, hubby calls me the "corner stuffer" and that is TRUE too....but I won't tell him I admitted that!!! Now I know where dd gets it from....ME!!!!!! I cleaned her room while we were home for snow days last week and OMG the "junk" I threw out!!! So anyway my loss is your gain once more.....I know M...I have a loooooonng way to go!!! But I am taking baby steps and that counts...right?!
Here is a bunch of star goodies...a square placemat, star ornies and a metal star cone. Priced at $15.00 including shipping. SOLD
Five mini star and berry rings that I had on my kitchen chandelier. Priced at $6.00 which includes shipping.SOLD

Primitive crow Angel doll Priced at $14.00 including shipping. SOLD
Please check out my other prim items for sale from the beginning of February there are still some items available.
Thanks so much for taking a peek and have a great day!!!
Hugs T


  1. I am interested in the berry candle rings.
    My email is:

  2. love that angel doll but hubby would kill me if I bought anything! it's funny you talk about hoarding cuz hubby is always telling me I'm a prim hoarder=)

  3. So proud of you! Although I really like it when you clean out stuff I like. It's so funny when I come home and get rid of my junk so I can have your nicer "junk". Can I tell you how much I really love those bowls you gave me!

  4. Ok I am glad I came over again to see... I am interested in the angel and the star goodies package


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