Monday, February 1, 2010

do you like?

So what do you think of my new header? One of my bff sent me an ebay site that sells these coverlets that are rather inexpensive. So it arrived today already!!! Well when I opened my package I didn't know where I was going to put it. Then it hit me!!!! Why not use it as a curtain. So me being the resourceful person that I am...yeah I hear ya!!! I didn't want to ruin the coverlet by sewing it so I did the next best thing and got out.....clear packaging tape!!! You heard me! I used tape to make a hem so I could put it through the was a Wyle Coyote moment if ever there were one!!! Now I just need your opinions...should I keep it or take it down...I am leaning toward leaving it up cause one of my bff, Robyn said she likes it!!! Thanks GF! by the way check out her blog for a great giveaway, Primlish!!! Ends next week!!!

So after I finished the kitchen I moved on to the livingroom and decided to give it a try with the curtains in there...need opinions...not sure if I like it....HELP PLEASE!!

And finally here's a doll I made yesterday! She has joined all my other dolls and is making herself right at home on my kitchen shelf.
So girls lots of questions for ya! You see I want to order 2 more coverlets to cover the other kitchen window so I will be waiting to hear from you!!!
Big warm fuzzy hugs,

kurtzy4 is the ebayers name for the coverlets


  1. Wow!!!! I really like it!!!! I would keep it!!!! Your window looks great with it and the little dolls and crock!!!! Looks very prim!!!! hugs carla

  2. Oh, yes! I do like it alot. I have that same coverlet and I would have never thought to use it as a curtain. Great idea! I got mine on Ebay, too. I don't remember the seller, but probably the same one. It was very inexpensive. Keep those pictures coming! I love em!

  3. Girl the coverlets look should definitely order more for your kitchen window! I love your new header pic & the new doll looks perfect in that spot!

  4. LOVE it girl, that is diffently a keeper!! what is that ebay link????? I must have it!
    Love the ones in the living room as well!

  5. hey gf!!! LOVE it....i got the black one, BUT...i might have to get that one too!!! lol...boy shipping on that was fast!!!! love your new doll and other curtains too. you rock gf!!!!! lots of hugs ♥

  6. I want that link too!! They look amazing!!

  7. Hi gals, here's the name of the ebay seller that I got the coverlet from
    hope this helps
    hugs Theresa

  8. Hey! You bought new coverlets for your windows? Hmmmm... They do look good.

  9. They look wonderful and I also would love to know the link:)


  10. Oh yes!!! They look awesome in your living room. Definately keep it! I would totally order more for your kitchen! I love the color of your new prairie doll! ♥♥♥

  11. Fabulaous!! ;) Looks super-duper!!
    Love your doll too...have a wonderful day!

  12. Oh how cute...the curtain looks awesome....♥♥♥

  13. I really like what you did with it - very creative.