Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This was like a scavenger hunt for me today. I really didn't think I had too many stripes in the house but I managed to find a few....








Thanks to Misi once again for hosting a fun chain. Head on over to her blog and check out her beautiful displays.
Hope you enjoyed my "stripes" now I'm heading on over to check out everyone's blog...
Have a great day!
Hugs ♥T

Sunday, March 27, 2011

***A Sweet Surprise***

It has taken me awhile to get this posted and I do apologize to Linda over at Parker's Paradise for the delay. She sent me the cutest pair of underwear in the mail. Linda you did a fabulous job on them. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift. Aren't prim friends the best~They are proudly on display in my laundry room.


Hope everyone has a blessed week.
Hugs ♥T

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt #2

Week #2 of Misi's Scavenger Hunt. She promised it would get tougher as we went along. Judge for yourself. The rules state that we must show at least 4 of the 7 listed for this week. This week's list:
A child's chair
a piece of blue willow china
a tin or metal tree
a wooden toy boat
a corn dryer
a colonial print that includes both a boy and a girl
a wooden buggy yoke

So here's my goodies only got 4 out of the 7 again this week. At least I hope I made it.....


Hubby made this for our son, and we used it for his time-outs. Although there are STILL days when I'd like to put him on it...LOL


corn rack that needs some corn....

Found this frame and printed the picture on the computer...reminds me of my kiddos.
Hopefully these pass Misi's test and I am able to move on to next week.
Have a great week!
Hugs ♥T

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*Tuesday's Display Chain-Recently Acquired*

Welcome Tuesday once again! It's time for Misi's display chain and this weeks theme is "Recently Acquired." Well I never need a reason to shop but its always fun to have a reason. Found these lovelies at the local Salvation Army. The pewter bookend, and plate were great finds.


Another cute little piece found at the Salvation Army store, gotta love others castoffs. I'm waiting for some of Misi's wonderful fruit to put in it.
101_3204 The little portrait was one of my handmades. Think she turned out pretty nice.

Here's my big find for the week. I just had to have this to brighten up my corner in the LR. And I have a thing for lights too!

That's it for today's post. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Hugs ♥T

Monday, March 21, 2011

*Welcome Spring & alittle Spring cleaning*

This past weekend was a teaser for sure. Today we woke up to freezing rain and ice all over the porches and vehicles. So much for Spring here in PA. Later in the week the forecast if for SNOW!!! I know its only March so this is expected but I am REALLY ready for some nicer weather.

Alittle touch of Spring in the diningroom. I love daffodils but unfortunately they don't like my hubby or me. So they stayed until today and out on the porch they went. Our noses couldn't handle the smell anymore.

I've been wanting to move my bowl rack out of the bedroom since...well since we (I) decided to put in there in the first place...I know what was I thinking! Well, I really didn't have wall space in our teeny tiny DR until now that is....101_3196
Doesn't this look so much better here? I am LOVING it!

closeup 101_3197

Here's the goodies on the opposite wall where the hutch used to be. This made the room look so much bigger.


Oh and the hutch...well it is in the hallway landing upstairs. Actually it looks ok there.

I cleaned it out and reaorganized all of the stuff that's in it. Before it was just shoved inside.
Top of hutch:

Shelf next to hutch.

Looking up the steps to top of landing

I'm trying to do a much simpler look at the homestead not so much clutter to clean. Also worked in the laundry room this weekend too, but dont' have that quite finished yet. I took down Sable's doggy crate and my catch-all drying rack. Now I have a clean corner for shoes and coats...so refreshing. The coats always got hung on the back of DR chairs...drove me NUTS! Now they have a home and slowly I am retraining the kids and hubby.

I will be back tomorrow with Misi's tuesday display chain. Have a wonderful day friends.
Hugs ♥T

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Another week has flown by and its time for Tuesday's display chain over at Misi's. This weeks theme is baskets/Easter baskets. Well, let me tell ya!!! I LOVE baskets. All kinds....mine have come from various places. Thrift stores, Amish stores, yard sales, gifts from friends and Yes..I've bought and hubby has bought me a few Longaberger. I use baskets for everything! Love to use them to store things, serve from and of course hide the old TP in the bathroom....hmmm...left that picture out.









101_3173 found this little beauty at the Thrift store for a quarter!



101_3177another great Thrift store find...just added alittle paint to this one.



Well that's it for now. I know I have lots more baskets around the house but I wanted to get this posted before supper. Off to check out everyone else's baskets.
Have a wonderful week friends!
Hugs ♥T

Saturday, March 12, 2011

***Pay It Forward***

Pay it Forward

I have seen this on many blogs lately and really feel this is such a nice thing to do! Not only does it make the recipient feel good getting something in the mail but it makes me feel good making that person feel good...make sense? ;)

When something, usually good, happens to you, you turn around and do something good for someone else. Instead of paying something "back" you are paying it "forward" on to the next person.

Here's how it works....

The first five people who comment on this blog post will receive a handmade gift from me.

In return, you must FIRST write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011. Then.... send out a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment on your post. Take your time...you don't need to send them all today or tomorrow. Any time in the next few months. No pressure. This is to be a joyful experience.

This is such a sweet way to connect with friends or meet new ones, by sharing things we create with our hearts...or in my case, buy from our hearts. ;)

"It's not the size of the gift that matters, but the spirit of paying it forward."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Week 1


This is the first week of Misi's Scavenger Hunt. And I must say that I struggled with this one. Some thought it was easy, but not me. I'm not even sure if my things will make the cut but at least I tried and had fun.
Here were the rules:

#1-Old Jar of Garden seeds- Must be an OLD jar & must contain GARDEN SEEDS

#2 Faceless Rag/Cloth Doll- Must be cloth WITHOUT A FACE

#3 Homespun Pillow Case – Must be ADULT BED SIZE or larger

#4 Pastry Roller- Must have DETAIL TO PRINT into dough

#5 Doll Bed- Must be a Bed for DOLLS (not for Furry babies)

#6 A piece of old Ironstone Pottery/Dishware- Must be IRONSTONE, in a pottery form or china
My scavenger hunt findings-






These were my items that I found...Had to borrow the pastry cutter from my neighbor cause I couldn't find mine. Hopefully, I will make it on to the next round with this weeks items.
Have a great weekend friends.
Hugs ♥T