Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*Tuesday's Display Chain-Recently Acquired*

Welcome Tuesday once again! It's time for Misi's display chain and this weeks theme is "Recently Acquired." Well I never need a reason to shop but its always fun to have a reason. Found these lovelies at the local Salvation Army. The pewter bookend, and plate were great finds.


Another cute little piece found at the Salvation Army store, gotta love others castoffs. I'm waiting for some of Misi's wonderful fruit to put in it.
101_3204 The little portrait was one of my handmades. Think she turned out pretty nice.

Here's my big find for the week. I just had to have this to brighten up my corner in the LR. And I have a thing for lights too!

That's it for today's post. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Hugs ♥T


  1. Theresa
    Love your finds~ wow~ nice stuff from Salvation Army!!
    The pic you painted~ Love~ Love it~ great job!!
    so inspiring!

  2. Very nice finds from the Salvation Army!!! Love the light!!!

  3. I love the light! Great finds! Gotta love the Salvation Army stores!

  4. Those salvation army finds are right up my alley! I am a thrift shopper, I go several times a week, and obviously you have the well trained eye to spot the treasures! No need to spend a fortune! Sure it would be easy to stroll into a shop and spend, but I LOVE the hunt. It is a big part of my love of prims! Happy Tuesday :)

  5. Theresa, WOW!!! now those are some great finds!!!! Here's hoping the beeswax fruit comes to my home for my new basket...!!!!EHEHEHHE OLM

  6. Oh, your pewter collection is very pretty! I really love the yellow book too!
    Your table lamp is awesome! Love the bunny too! :)

  7. Great finds!!! Lamps are so nice to add to the home!!! Thanks for sharing. My Best ~Kimberly

  8. ♥♥LOVE your finds♥♥...and the lamp is WONDERFUL!!
    Have a great week, T! :)♥

  9. I love the pewter, and your handmade portrait is fantastic. I love the folkart portraits, they are hard to find. Thanks for sharing. Vicky

  10. Love your finds!
    Everything looks wonderful.

  11. Nice finds...nothing beats finding a great piece at a wonderful price.

  12. Wonderful finds! Awesome lamp and I love the pewter!


  13. Love your new goodies *T*, especially your new lamp. Such a pretty addition to your living room.
    Boy oh boy do i love the Salvation Army, it is the best for prim knickey knacks. lol..a little funny.... When my kids were little & in nursery school (my first break)I had the opportunity to escape to the salvation army -If the the other mothers would ask what i was doing with my time , i'd say going to Sally Anne's.(the thrifts were not so posh 20 yrs ago) ..well while in PA this week we actually found a Salvation army thrift store Called Sally Ann's...We took a pic of the sign for my son who had eventually spilled the beans on my thrifting to the other mothers at the school. Lol He made competition for me, because every morning after that it was a race to beat them other mom's to Sally Anne's
    GREAT NEW GOODIES -Thanks for sharing in the chain

  14. Wow, wish I could find stuff like that at the Salvation Army.8-) Great treasures, so glad you shared.

  15. Nice treasures. I love the Salvation Army! They always have tons of stuff!