Wednesday, March 9, 2011


LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! Misi over at Gablehousemusings has done it again. She has come up with a way to keep us on our toes and have fun too. Every week she will post a list of things to find and display, as time goes on I'm sure it will get more challenging1 Although, I must admit this weeks list is already challenging to me. So thrift stores here I come tomorrow.

This is where I chose to display my goodies each week.


Not sure how some of the items will fit here but I'm going to give it a try
and see how it goes. Wish me luck, Misi has posted the LIST on her blog so You have till 5pm today to join in the fun. We will post our Scavenger hunt displays on each Friday.
Have a wonderful week friends.
hugs ♥T

Yummy's for Tuesday display chain....better late than never.
1. First bouquet of dandelions from my kiddos
2. seeing a Robin today after a very LONG winter
3. going to the grocery store and finding my favorite Dove chocolate Easter candy
4. watching my kids and my hubby fish
5. Mr. Sticky sticky buns...all you locals will know 'em.
6. Lighting a McCall's Country Store candle
7. Sitting on the couch by candle light with my sweetie
8. puppy dog breathe
9. meeting prim friends
10. hearing someone say "I love you"


  1. Hi Teresa,
    Any excuse to go thrifting, eh? You're my kinda gal! Doesn't Misi just have the BEST ideas? Can't wait until the fun begins! Happy hunting tomorrow!

  2. Oh what, fun~ fun!!!Have fun hunting!
    Great yummies~ so sweet! love them all!

  3. Have a great time thrifting. Can't wait to see how many challenge items you find.