Saturday, March 5, 2011

Use your time wisely♥

Carrie, over at Farming on Faith, allowed me to share this. I loved all the ideas that she shared. Hope you find some of them useful as well.
10 Ways To Use Your Time Wisely

1. Evaluate How You're Spending Time
Keep a time log for 5 days~My Christian Womanhood Teacher at College taught me this concept.
What are my time wasters?
Am I spending to much time on unimportant things?
Do I have any time for rest or fun? ~this is my biggest problem. All work and no play leaves one unhappy Momma~!
2. Set some goals
If you feel like your are working hard but getting nowhere~take some planning time.
Make some plans.
3. Be Willing To Let Things Go For Life's Interruptions
People are more important than things~ drop everything to be used by God!
4. Learn To Say NO!!!!
Let the good things go to do the best things in life.
5. Eliminate The Unimportant
Remove things from your to-do list that will not matter for eternity.
Remove time wasters.
Learn to delegate~ Mommas have a hard time with this one!
6. Develop Decision Making Skills
Don't be afraid of conflict ~sometimes this brings it.
Study your errors and don't repeat them.
7. Do The Tough Jobs During Your Best Time Of The Day
Everyone is unique ~know your best time of the day and take advantage of it. I happen to be a morning person. My energy and mind become foggy in the evening. So I run with the wind in the morning.
8. Plan The Work And Work The Plan~ (this is my life saver)
Set a time aside once a week to make a plan. When I get to busy I fail to do this~ everything gets out of timing!
Make a daily to-do list, a weekly to-do list and a monthly to-do list. Then when it is on paper let it go and just do the nest thing on the list. This will save your sanity!
9. Prioritize
Develop the ability to see what task are most important at any given time~ spend your attention and energy on those.
Set your deadlines and pencil them in a datebook.
Keep a datebook!
10. Reward Yourself~
Celebrate the accomplishments of your goals~even the baby ones. Enjoy a special night out or a trip to one of your favorite place.
The biggest reward will be decreased frustration with chaos and a sense of accomplishment when you begin to feel that you are using your time wisely.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!
Hugs ♥T

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  1. Hi, Theresa
    thanks for sharing this~ I sure can take some of this advise!