Monday, March 21, 2011

*Welcome Spring & alittle Spring cleaning*

This past weekend was a teaser for sure. Today we woke up to freezing rain and ice all over the porches and vehicles. So much for Spring here in PA. Later in the week the forecast if for SNOW!!! I know its only March so this is expected but I am REALLY ready for some nicer weather.

Alittle touch of Spring in the diningroom. I love daffodils but unfortunately they don't like my hubby or me. So they stayed until today and out on the porch they went. Our noses couldn't handle the smell anymore.

I've been wanting to move my bowl rack out of the bedroom since...well since we (I) decided to put in there in the first place...I know what was I thinking! Well, I really didn't have wall space in our teeny tiny DR until now that is....101_3196
Doesn't this look so much better here? I am LOVING it!

closeup 101_3197

Here's the goodies on the opposite wall where the hutch used to be. This made the room look so much bigger.


Oh and the hutch...well it is in the hallway landing upstairs. Actually it looks ok there.

I cleaned it out and reaorganized all of the stuff that's in it. Before it was just shoved inside.
Top of hutch:

Shelf next to hutch.

Looking up the steps to top of landing

I'm trying to do a much simpler look at the homestead not so much clutter to clean. Also worked in the laundry room this weekend too, but dont' have that quite finished yet. I took down Sable's doggy crate and my catch-all drying rack. Now I have a clean corner for shoes and refreshing. The coats always got hung on the back of DR chairs...drove me NUTS! Now they have a home and slowly I am retraining the kids and hubby.

I will be back tomorrow with Misi's tuesday display chain. Have a wonderful day friends.
Hugs ♥T


  1. Hi Theresa, I love where you put the bowl rack in the DR, and all the other rearranging you have done. I have been wanting to rearrange my combination DR and living room. The little corner they call a dining room is just too small an area, I am going to try to switch it out for the bigger area and put the sitting area in the DR area, hope that works, at least I might end up with new areas to decorate. I need more walls, you know how it is. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Vicky

  2. I've been trying to simplify to.It's hard cause I always drag home more.LoL..The DR looks nice.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Hi Theresa....oh, I love all the decorating and re-decorating you've done. I'm in PA too and keep sayin' Come On Spring, enough of the teaser weather!

    Blessings, Traci

  4. Looks good Theresa! Doesn't a little change make us want to do more?

  5. hi,Theresa
    Looks wonderful~ so very pretty~ love where you moved the bowl shelf~ very pretty area!!!
    Freezing rain~ no~
    Yesterday we had 68 degrees here in ohio~ cooling down today!
    NO~ to snow & freezing rain~only warmth & sunshine