Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Display chain Make-do's

Welcome Tuesday once again! This is fast becoming my favorite day of the week. Misi's display chain theme for this week is a make-do. Again my brain went into overdrive and couldn't come up with anything! So after looking around the house when I came home from work this is what I came up with. Not sure if these qualify as make-do's but they all have a special place in my heart!

This is a picture from my kitchen cabinets. You see when my kitchen was built by my neighbor back in the 50's he worked at Piper Aircraft. He was a carpenter on the side and of course in those days nothing was thrown away. While painting my cabinets years ago, I discovered this printing on the bottom of one of the shelves. Well, Mr N. had used an old box from Piper as one of my shelves.He MADE DO with what he had. Piper and Mr. N are no longer with us but I have alittle piece of them in my home.

I love my make-do banana holder that my dad made for me. He was so proud of these that he made everyone in the family one and it does keep my bananas from turning brown. Thanks Dad!

Another make-do that was my Dad's was his candle keeper and match keeper. He used this while he worked in the coal mine to keep his candle and matches dry. It still has coal dirt on it and sits proudly in my bedroom on a shelf.

Hope everyone enjoys a look into my past and things that I cherish. I so love seeing everyone else's displays! Have an awesome week!
Hugs ♥T

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Display chain-Two colors

Hey blogging friends! It's that time of the week again. I hope you can join us for Misi's display chain. I actually look forward to Tuesday now!

Ok I have to agree with Tammy when I looked around the house I found it hard to find things with only 2 colors. So here's what I have to show you this week....

This is my doggy Sable thought she kind of has 2 colors...just maybe different shades right?

This is my Mom's doggy Coco she is kind of 2 colors too right? I see some black and rust and alittle gray in spots.

Some of you may have seen my beautiful shutters that my wonderful hubby put up this summer. But I love how they finished off the house. They are a burgundyish color and my siding is called claystone.

Coverlet I got this past weekend.

Afghan my mom is working on for me while she is here visiting this week. Love the colors again I know 3 but just cover part of the picture then you will only see 2 of them. (tee hee)

Put this lil' gourd in my "new" old wooden bowl I got last week at the Amish store. Added some straw and a scrap of burlap.

And my last display is my favorite fall snack! If you look really close you will see a candy corn with ONLY 2 colors...did you find it...it's in there!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday evening and joins in the fun!!!
Hugs ♥T

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jackpot! I think I hit the jackpot!

What an absolutely gorgeous fall day here. After work I decided to go to my favorite Amish store...Lizzie's cause I always find goodies there. So on my way over the mountain I enjoyed the beautiful fall scenery and an occasional squirrel or bird. Saw some pretty farm houses and lots of cows and horses. Well with much anticipation I pulled into Lizzies and got out and admired all the fall goodies on her porch. The pumpkins were only .75cents and the cornstalks were plentiful but I didn't need any more of these items. So on in I went...well I gotta tell ya the place was filled to the rim with goodies. One quick scan and what to my wondering eyes do I see? Here's a sneak peek...hmmmmm.....

First I spotted the fabric...not bad looking then it beckoned me closer. Dare I even look at the price tag! Oh my a steal! Ok Theresa, just calm down I told myself. Well, I had to sit down and check this wonderful piece out alittle closer. Ahhhh...its comfy too! I stood up snatched the price tag off and made my way around to the other goodies. Quick scan around and I spy a wooden bowl...$8.00 its mine too! Now I'm just too excited to look any further so up to the counter I go with tag in tow and my bowl. I laid the price tag on the counter as if it was a trophy so proud of my find. Lizzie laughs and says you got a pretty one there. I can't hide my giddiness and say I know and I can't wait to haul it home and put it in its proper place in my livingroom. The transaction is finished and its all mine! Now to get it in the van. I had to go out and stow the backseats to make it fit and get Lizzie to help me carry my "trophy" out. I can't seem to thank her enough and she says she glad she could make my day!
Here's a quick look at my leg!!! Love it!

And now a side view. What do you think?

And finally a photo of it in its new home. So how do you like my new "old" chair? It's a Broyhill and I paid...are you ready for this....are you sure....ok hold on to your seat or better yet sit down....$25.00 yep you read this right only $25 George's for this baby!

Well that was my big exciting news for the day. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather wherever you may be. God's Blessings!
Hugs ♥T

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday display chain "Only You"

I had a really hard time with this one. I have alot of things that only I love like all my prims and "ugly things" as my family calls them. So after much thinking this is what I got.
The last time I went home to visit my mom I took some photos of the old "barn". When my dad was growing up this barn was used to house the cow and chickens. This is one of the original barns still standing in my hometown. When I was growing up it became my playhouse. I hung curtains in the window, and moved all my dolls and toys right in. I remember making mud pies using moms old pie tins and playing house with my friends. Seeing this once again through my kids eyes was quite amazing. They of course did not see all the memories I did.

The other barn was the old outhouse and storage for the animal feed when my dad was growing up. There wasn't any indoor plumbing in my dad's house. He would walk through the snow and rain to use the outhouse. I got to use it from time to time while I would play in my playhouse and didn't want to run inside to use the bathroom. The "barns" have seen alot of history in my family and they are a very special part of my life. I hope they remain standing for a long time to come.

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me.
Hugs ♥T