Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Display chain Make-do's

Welcome Tuesday once again! This is fast becoming my favorite day of the week. Misi's display chain theme for this week is a make-do. Again my brain went into overdrive and couldn't come up with anything! So after looking around the house when I came home from work this is what I came up with. Not sure if these qualify as make-do's but they all have a special place in my heart!

This is a picture from my kitchen cabinets. You see when my kitchen was built by my neighbor back in the 50's he worked at Piper Aircraft. He was a carpenter on the side and of course in those days nothing was thrown away. While painting my cabinets years ago, I discovered this printing on the bottom of one of the shelves. Well, Mr N. had used an old box from Piper as one of my shelves.He MADE DO with what he had. Piper and Mr. N are no longer with us but I have alittle piece of them in my home.

I love my make-do banana holder that my dad made for me. He was so proud of these that he made everyone in the family one and it does keep my bananas from turning brown. Thanks Dad!

Another make-do that was my Dad's was his candle keeper and match keeper. He used this while he worked in the coal mine to keep his candle and matches dry. It still has coal dirt on it and sits proudly in my bedroom on a shelf.

Hope everyone enjoys a look into my past and things that I cherish. I so love seeing everyone else's displays! Have an awesome week!
Hugs ♥T


  1. Wonderful post!!
    How neat about your kitchen cabinets.
    Love you Dad's old candle box!! ... and his banana holder!!


  2. Oh, girl!
    Love the candle box and the banana holder, such a nice memory!
    Piper Aircraft cabinets, I like that you kept them, so neat!
    Great post!
    have a nice evening,

  3. Your make-do shelf is doing well for being half a century old! Your Dad's candle box is such a special item! -Catherine

  4. How neat these items are. I just love your dads candle/match box. How special.

  5. Cherished Make-do's are the best!! Theresa you have got some true make-do treasures with such personality!..Your dad's box made me tear..I love your make-do's, Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  6. I just love that the candle box still has coal dust on it! Love your makedo cabinet!!

  7. Hey Girlie!
    Tried to leave this last night.....but couldn't again ....I don't know what was happening??

    Love your make-do's....especially that candlebox!

    Buggy Hugs to you too!! LOL


  8. Love the printing on your shelf - a great memory and use of what was available and I LOVE your Dad's candle box. TFS.

  9. hi theresa!!! i love your blog!! very cool posts!! u are very good at this. mine needs a lot more attention. i just can't seem to get to it these days. hope u are well and thank u so much for all your sweet comments!

  10. How neat! The make-do's with precious memories behind them are the very best ones! I love that old box your dad used in the coal mine, how neat that you have it!