Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday display chain "Only You"

I had a really hard time with this one. I have alot of things that only I love like all my prims and "ugly things" as my family calls them. So after much thinking this is what I got.
The last time I went home to visit my mom I took some photos of the old "barn". When my dad was growing up this barn was used to house the cow and chickens. This is one of the original barns still standing in my hometown. When I was growing up it became my playhouse. I hung curtains in the window, and moved all my dolls and toys right in. I remember making mud pies using moms old pie tins and playing house with my friends. Seeing this once again through my kids eyes was quite amazing. They of course did not see all the memories I did.

The other barn was the old outhouse and storage for the animal feed when my dad was growing up. There wasn't any indoor plumbing in my dad's house. He would walk through the snow and rain to use the outhouse. I got to use it from time to time while I would play in my playhouse and didn't want to run inside to use the bathroom. The "barns" have seen alot of history in my family and they are a very special part of my life. I hope they remain standing for a long time to come.

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me.
Hugs ♥T


  1. what a wonderful place to play. I am sure you used your imagination and had wonderful times there.

  2. Theresa
    What wonderful buildings! So glad your family kept them standing!Old buildings the character, the smells, I bet you can still smell them chickens(not to mention the outhouse)!!!You took me to the chicken house I can just imagine you decorating, hanging the curtains, and playing( what fun)!
    Love the buildings! Love the story!
    thanks bunches for sharing your history!(from one T.to another T.)

  3. I think i could have a good time playing house in those TODAY @ 44 yrs old... I love little farm buildings. Those have a story that i would love to read..
    Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  4. What wonderful memories - and how great to be able to share them with you kids. I love the barns!

  5. What great memories!! I would so love to have one of those buildign in my yard now!!! OLM

  6. how cool are they!!! they would be so cool decorated with prims. to bad you couldn't move them to your house then you could have the memories with you forever and have fun decorating too!!!! hugs ♥

  7. What great memories!! It is so nice to see they are still around! =)

  8. I like looking at old farms. I am not sure kids play like we did. Now a days with all the tv & electronic games. I remember making mud pies myself. You did not miss out on the Bedford Fall Festival all together. There is still time. It is again this weekend to. Always the first two weekends every october. Blessings!

  9. Ahh, those are the such awesome barns! I agree, it's nice to see them still around and I would totally still play in it!

  10. I so love those barns. They just look so peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Teresa!!

    (sorry I couldn't post this last night our internet was down)

    I love love those old little buildings. Lucky you to have been able to have them as your playspace!! I agree with Amy too bad you can't move them to your house to enjoy everyday!!

    Loving this display chain (gang) LOL!

    Big Hugs ( or Bug Hugs! LOL)

  12. How wonderful that you were able to get pictures of these, that they were still standing! Of course you will always have the memories, but pictures sure help spur those memories! I also had an old shed that I got to use as a play house. I moved in as much as my mom would let me. I remember playing in that old shed every day that the weather would cooperate. Good times! Thanks Theresa for bringing those memories back to me!