Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Display chain-Two colors

Hey blogging friends! It's that time of the week again. I hope you can join us for Misi's display chain. I actually look forward to Tuesday now!

Ok I have to agree with Tammy when I looked around the house I found it hard to find things with only 2 colors. So here's what I have to show you this week....

This is my doggy Sable thought she kind of has 2 colors...just maybe different shades right?

This is my Mom's doggy Coco she is kind of 2 colors too right? I see some black and rust and alittle gray in spots.

Some of you may have seen my beautiful shutters that my wonderful hubby put up this summer. But I love how they finished off the house. They are a burgundyish color and my siding is called claystone.

Coverlet I got this past weekend.

Afghan my mom is working on for me while she is here visiting this week. Love the colors again I know 3 but just cover part of the picture then you will only see 2 of them. (tee hee)

Put this lil' gourd in my "new" old wooden bowl I got last week at the Amish store. Added some straw and a scrap of burlap.

And my last display is my favorite fall snack! If you look really close you will see a candy corn with ONLY 2 colors...did you find it...it's in there!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday evening and joins in the fun!!!
Hugs ♥T


  1. loved your pictures...wish I could have helped you bite off ALL of the tips on the candy corn.

  2. Sable is a beauty!
    Candy corn yummy, can eat it til my tummy is hurtin!
    Cute displays!
    have a nice fall day!

  3. Great pics Theresa! I am loving your new coverlet! Beautiful doggies you and your mom have!

  4. Love your pictures of your dogs! Great pictures, this one really made us all think. OLM

  5. Awwww, Sable is just so pretty!! Coco is adorable too!
    Your future afghan is beautiful!
    I see the tricolored candy corn!!! What do I win? LOL

  6. Great Display's! This week was hard lol! =)

  7. Theresa,
    I love this post!!
    Thanks for the giggles!!
    I did see the candy corn with only two colors in there!! :)

  8. Theresa!
    Great color combos! The doggies look so lovable!!

    Love your coverlet like the rest of the girls....and now I want candy corn!! lol

    Great pics once again!

    Big Hugs!!

  9. Girl you crack me up! I did see the candy corn that was only 2 colors. Doggies are so adorable! I love the colors in your new coverlet and your soon-to-be afghan are beautiful colors too.