Friday, February 19, 2010

My new goodies!

I must have been a very good girl this week cause I got lots of goodies in the mail from great prim friends. I met many wonderful ladies on Webshots last year and its been great doing swaps with them. This lovely blanket crane was a gift from my BFF Robyn (Primlish)she was so sweet to send me this. I absolutely love it. Doesn't it look great against my cayenne walls?

Here's another picture of my hallway...hubby made the benches for me. I have a thing for benches...never can have too many cause they are great for displays.

Can you see the little bunnies in my metal basket? These came from Lisa (Blacksheeplisa) in a goodie box I got.
Aren't they the cutest? I want to put some eggs in the basket and some carrots but I didn't get my Easter things out yet.
She also sent me a stitchery pillow for Valentine's day and one for everyday.


What a cute little black candle light I got too! This is up on my shelf in the livingroom for now. Ignore that gray thing up there, it's hubbys surround of these days I'm gonna hide it.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the sunshine before the next storm thats coming next week. I'm going to look for goodies at the Thrift Store tomorrow and hopefully to the Amish. I'll let you know if have any luck.
Warm fuzzy hugs,


  1. You most definately must have been a good girl!
    Those gifts are awesome...lucky lucky you!
    Have a great weekend, and I hope you find some great prim items while thrifting!

  2. everything looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mo orderea blanket crane for her and me tonight, sure hope your goodies get there tomorrow!!!! i really enjoyed talkng to you today too, did you get izzy time in there??? lol....have a great wekend and i'll talk to ya tomorrow. lots of hugs, amy♥

  3. I love your new goodies. I am so wanting a blanket crane. That's on Hubby's list of things to make. Love the pinkeep and bunnies from Lisa, too. She makes the best stuff!
    Have a great weekend! Good luck at the TS!

  4. I just love the color of your walls! The socks look adorable on your crane! Love the bunnies, pinkeep and tin lamp! You are a very good girl!! Lots of hugs!
    ♥ Robyn

  5. that's reallt neat. I'm going to have to get my hubby to make one of them for me. Thanks for posting my give away! I'm sorting out my sewing room. Found the floor and a bunch more fabric. After seeing Feedsack Fantasy, I'm having my own fantasy! I think I know how to raise my chicken money!

  6. Love all your new goodies! I am so happy you are pleased with the stuff i sent ya! Have a great weekend!

  7. WOW!! What wonderful goodies. You are one lucky gal! Everything looks amazing.

  8. Wow! You got some cute stuff! Your husband did a wonderful job on the benches too! I love how you have everything displayed. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~Dan~

  9. Love your blanket crane & all of your new goodies! You sure did get spoiled! I love the color of your walls. Have a great weekend! Now I'm off to finish up my blanket crane!