Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day SALE!!!

Happy President's Day...I hope everyone that isn't working today is enjoying there day off.

Well with all the stores having a sale today I thought I would do my own. So I've been decluttering this year and have a few things to put up for grabs. Please email me at if you are interested in any of the it.

I have two raggedies to add to someones home...The large raggedy is $12.00 and the small raggedy is $6.00 shipping is included in the prices.

God Bless America statue with willow tree. Great addition to your Americana collection...Price $6.00 shipping is included. SOLD

For some reason I have 3 swans...don't need three so I am selling two of them. This swan has a detachable head which makes it nice to add your favorite holiday accent arround the neck. I've included a pineneedle wreath. He is selling for $17.00 including shipping.

Here's swan #2 this one is $15.00 including shipping. SOLD

This item is a placemat that I used on my endtable. It is embroidered with red blossoms and green vines. Great prim accent. Priced at $5.00 which includes shipping SOLD
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Warm fuzzy hugs! I'm running to the store now to get some milk before the next snowstorm hits!!!

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  1. pretty stuff! None of it is dirty, no wonder you want to declutter it. I used your bowls today to make pancakes. I felt like a Martha Stewart Domestic Goddess.