Monday, February 8, 2010

Not much new to post this evening but thought I'd share a picture of my other window in the kitchen. These are the other coverlets I bought...I tried to get a good photo but the sun was shining alot that day. And I'm not complaining!!!

Did some crafting over the weekend between the usual household chores. And I cleaned my sons room while he was away at church camp....let's just say boys are gross especially teenagers!!! So now that his room is presentable I need to work on the Master bedroom. All the hunting stuff needs to find a home!!! Oh hubby if you don't soon put it away I will and then you won't be able to find it when you need it!!

I posted some new goodies on my selling blog too! So if you get a chance check it out and let me know what you think of my prairie bust ornies! I used a pattern from Jackie Schmidt that was in the Mercantile Gathering magazine. Now if you know me I don't normally use patterns so I tweaked it alittle and came up with my own spin on them.

Hope everyone is prepared for the next storm...stock up on that bread, milk and TP!!!Make sure you have lots of TP!!!
Big warm fuzzy hugs!


  1. Hi Theresa,
    I completely understand. I have a son and a Hubby and they are both VERY messy. Even though Hubby would disagree with me about him. LOL!!
    I love your curtains.
    I dont believe I have seen coverlet curtains before.
    I would love to have some for my bedroom.
    As for the winter storm....
    We are getting hit right now!!!
    Gosh Dang It!! I thought it was going to pass us by but it began around 6:30 tonight. And it is coming down like crazy.
    It wouldnt be that bad if I didnt have to work tomorrow. But I do and I dont see them closing the bank because of snow. But I will sure be hoping!! :)
    Take Care!

  2. Your curtains look fantastic! I ordered one coverlet to see if i could make it work as a curtain, still playing around with it. Love that ebay seller, she is super fast with shipping. Thanks for the link.

  3. Your curtains look great! I also really like your shutters! I enjoy visiting your blog! You are doing a great job! ~Dan~

  4. Love the curtains! I need to try it with my coverlet and see how I like it on my windows. Off to check out your selling blog and see your new items. Stay warm!

  5. Love your curtains...they look great! I saw your new stump dolls & they are really did a great job!

  6. Your curtains look awesome GF!! I need to go check out your new items on your selling blog! We are supposed to be getting 8-12" tonight and tomorrow.

  7. looks great!! mom and i got ours too...LOVE them!!!! we are suppose to get 6-10 more inches of snow .......hugs ♥

  8. I love how you put the curtain on the inside of your framing! Great look! I haven't ordered anything from her website yet but plan to. We had about 30 inches of snow over the weekend and are supposed to get another 10-20 inches tomorrow!!! UGH! No school this week!

  9. Love your curtains-great idea! I just checked out your other site and love your creations!
    I made a few dolls this weekend for the first and to be truthful I was stressed out trying to primify them!lol Please visit if you get a chance-I love visitors!
    Shazy x

  10. Hey- Don't touch Hubby's hunting stuff. I think it is in the marriage vows. Maybe even a commandment Thou shalt not touch the hunting stuff. Just start spraying a bunch of girly perfume in the room and ask if it will ruin his stuff. That should give him the hint to put it away. Remember, this is the man who fixes everything. So if you want your sewing machine to work the hunting stuff remains untouched!
    I think I am the friend you can only handle in small doses!

  11. Hey Girl!
    I love your coverlet curtains!
    I got my two in the mail yesterday....E-bay seller is very nice....we had a great chat!
    I'm debating on making mine into window toppers for our bedroom...I'd have to cut them the long way and piece them end to end to have the right fulness...not sure I want to cut them! :(
    Have you had a chance to do anymore lil' dresses and candle mats?
    I do like those ALOT!
    They would tie in cute with our candle lines...

    Have a great day!

  12. Hi there! I love those curtains and your lil' sweet gerbils:) We have 2 house rabbits and a german shepherd that watches over them, LOL! stop by and say 'hi" some time :)