Saturday, February 6, 2010

The critters play while we are away!

Last night was a busy evening here at the house. Luke had a band concert at 7pm and we had to have him out to church camp after the concert. Of course the snow was supposed to be coming and we wanted to get him to camp before it needless to say we were running around the house at the last minute making sure everything was packed.

Now for the interesting part....Sable our Malamute was left in charge of the gerbils...We always tell her to watch the boys while we are gone...However tonight she either decided to take a nap on the couch or just wanted to get the boys into trouble.....

We came home around 10pm. and saw Sable on the couch. Hubby went back to the DR to put his coat away and discovered the computer screen was all he called me back to take a look. Mind you we haven't turned lights on yet in the DR so we only have the computer lighting the room. I step into the room and he starts yelling to stop!!!!! Then he says turn around....well I have no idea what to expect! I turn around look down and there stands Digger looking up at me! Not sure if its a gerbil or a mouse I hesitate before I grab him! So now the fun begins!!! Remember I said the boys(plural)! So Izzy immediately looks in the cage for Chippy. NO CHIPPY!!!! Now mind you, we have been gone for 3 hours! So the frantic search begins for Chip. First place I look is the kitchen...and there he is by the garbage can...of course he runs away from me! So I tell Izzy to bring me the cage with Digger hoping to persuade Chippy back into his home. I slowly pull the garbage can away from the wall and there he what did I do? The cage is set on the floor in front of him to lure him in...but Digger decides he wants his FREEDOM and hops out!!! Luckily he didn't go far or he knew he was in for it cause they both jumped back into their cage. So now we go around the house looking for things they may have chewed....

This is my ottoman that they far this is all I've found!!!

Oh and apparently our gerbils are smart cause they figured out how to open their cage all by themselves!!!!! And when I asked Izzy if she left the cage unlocked her reply was not me. He sure gets blamed for alot of things around you think I can claim him as a dependent...I'm sure you all have a NOT ME at your house too. And as for Sable she will now longer be in charge of the boys!

Have a great day!
Warm Hugs...Theresa


  1. Oh my I am just imagining the look on your faces when you realized what was going! Well they are cuties & I'm glad that the ottoman is the only thing that got chewed on! Just wanted to let you know that I am having a giveaway so when you get a chance you should go over & sign up!

  2. I agree with Pam, just imagine your look!
    Glad they were ok, sorry about the ottoman.

  3. Sorry about your ottoman! I bet they had a good time. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it. Come back soon. You have a great blog. I am one of your followers now! ~Dan~

  4. lol...oh my!!!! i didn't know they would chew something like that! at least that was the only thing......:0( have a good rest of your weekend dear..lots of hugs ♥

  5. OMGosh how funny...WELL, NOT FUNNY...but I did get a chuckle out of your depiction of the whole senario!
    Glad that was all that the little stinker chewed on...and being the type of fabric and design...a little stitching just might not show.

  6. Hi Theresa!
    I just found your blog and I love it!
    You have such a funny way of telling a story!
    Your poor ottoman! I bet he had fun, while it lasted!
    Looking forward to reading past and future posts!
    Have a great week!