Friday, January 6, 2012

Why do I do this?!!!!

Don't know why I do this to myself or to the family, but I got the moving furniture around BUG! Just got home from taking Luke to the dr. to find out its just viral. But while we were out I just HAD to stop at the prim store and look around. Well, needless to say I am home now and want to redo everything!!! So I am now in the process of moving my faux electric fireplace into the diningroom! Not sure how its gonna look and I gotta get it moved before dear hubby gets home cause if I don't like will have to go back like nothing ever happened. You know what I mean. Well, wish me luck and stay tuned for some new displays. Still have our tree up till Sunday for Russian Christmas...I'm part Russian so I try to keep it up till the 7th. That and I was hoping for some snow!
Have a great day friends!
Hugs ♥*T


  1. Well nI was scrolling down to see if you postedd pics of the new moves! Hey it is not a BUG, it's being frugal! I just read it in another blog---HeavenlyHomemakers!

  2. Theresa
    you know we are addicted to decorating~ moving here~ there~ then back~ giggles~
    Wishing you son well~
    Will be on the look out for you changes~

  3. I'm right there with you on moving things around - I hope you show photos when/if you like the moves. ~Ann

  4. You are not alone, got the bug myself. It started with hanging one little cabinet, turned into rearrnageing three rooms, gota love it though, tweaking is just too much fun. Hey if we don't like it we can move it again. Can't wait to see pictures. Vicky

  5. LOL I moved furniture around the other day. I always have the bug. :-)

    Tomorrow is also Serbian Christmas so Steve and his family will celebrate and then next week is Serbian New Year.

  6. Well, I hope it worked out for you! LOL!
    I am re-arranging some stuff too, I am not as fast! Right now, I am painting a bathroom, which I have to get back to!
    Have a great day.