Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seeing EGGS!

Today was egg making day. Feel like a chicken after all the eggs that I made today. What a variety of colors and textures I have. If you are interested in purchasing any let me know.
Don't they look so springy nestled in the basket with some grass. I love the colors.
Here' a closer view.

Thought they would look great with some of my white tulips. Yep I was right. LOVE THIS!!!!
Here's another bunch of eggs done in different colors. You can choose a mix or specify a color and I will do my best. If you want all blues the tones and shades will vary cause they are OOAK. Same goes for reds, yellows, browns.
Love these!
Don't they look great in my pewter bowl?
Oh and of course I had to share them with my rabbit. He'll be needing more before Easter.
Hope you enjoyed your day! Have a wonderful week friends.
Hugs Theresa

Dozen eggs for $12 + shipping
Rabbit $25 + shipping


  1. those look so great, esp. with your bunny!

  2. Oh how cute!! They look wonderful with the white tulips and with the sweet rabbit!