Thursday, January 12, 2012

♥LOVE is in the air♥

Its been a yucky day here today, so I'm staying home and doing some crafting. I've been working on some Valentines Day goodies cause I still haven't found mine yet. I'm thinking they might be in with my Easter cause thats what I put up last year after Valentines Day. I really need to work on organizing my decor and put everything in labeled totes!!
So anywho I made myself some waxed dipped hearts and thought I would share them with you if anyone is interested in them.
The come as a set of 5...1 with a key...3 with rusty bells and one that is plain.

This is how they will come to you.
I've wrapped them with a piece of stamped muslin which can be used as garland if you so chose and also an old vintage tag.
All this for $7.00 which does include shipping.
Well, back to work I love being a SAHM again. Izzy is home sick today and I can be at home and still get some things done in between taking care of her.

Have a wonderful day friends.
Hugs ♥*T


  1. Hope that Izzy feels better soon! Love the wax hearts,I really need to look for my Valentine decor and get it out.Hugs,Jen

  2. Sorry you have a sick one at home. That's what I love about staying home also... you can be there to take care of your kids.

    The hearts are so cute! I love the way you packaged them up. I just love playing with wax. =] $7 for all of that is a great deal! I hope you sell lots of them. Have a wonderful weekend~