Sunday, July 31, 2011

***Keeping busy***

Thank you all again for keeping me in your prayers. I'm thinking I might have a hiatil hernia, but still have more tests to follow up with. This has been very scary for me when I go into not being able to breath. Seems my esophagus is going into spasms and not allowing air to pass. Not sure what I have in store for please keep me in your prayers. Whils I've been stuck inside the house these past few weeks I've been doing alittle crafting.
Let me know what you think....
Made these prim/colonial soldier books. They are $3.95 each includes shipping.

Just leave me a comment or shoot me an email if you interested in purchasing. I do take paypal.
Have a great week friends and I will keep you updated on any results I get from the doctor.
Hugs ♥*T


  1. I hope you start feeling better. Your books are awesome! Lecia

  2. Theresa will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.I hope that you are feeling better soon! Love your books ,you did a wonderful job on them.Hugs,Jen

  3. Love both of those books! Prayers for your healing!

  4. Wonderful idea for these books!

    Hope you're feeling better soon,


  5. Theresa,
    The books are wonderful~ great job~
    you are in my thoughts & prayers~for healing~

  6. Hi Theresa,
    I'm so sorry you are having these health issues. I pray for fast recovery.

    Your books look awesome. What are the books...are they an old book covered or a journal????


  7. Am keeping everything crossed for you Theresa! I too had the shortness of breath which did get quite scary at times, but am all better now and am certain you will be too!

    I love your books what a fantastic idea am sure they will be a huge seller for you!

    Have a great week and I hope you start to feel better soon, will be thinking of you.
    Warm Blessings