Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dining room...almost completed...lots of pictures

I've been having so much fun putting things back on my walls in the Diningroom. So I can officially say my job is done at least till hubby can help do the floor and crown molding. Yeah, the ugly green carpet is still here but it is ready to be gone...just not sure when. Hubby will have to redo the floors and I don't think he is looking forward to sanding and sealing. Same with the crown molding more staining. I want it stained to match the window trim he made. And now for the big reveal.....
This is on the top of my computer stand.
Doll from Blacksheep Lisa..LOVE HER! Got the stitchery at the Thrift Store..score! It reads "Guard me O God against every sin" Colors are perfect on it.

These cuties are from Sandy Schutt. Slave them. It seems to me as I am looking at all the stuff in the Diningroom that I have filled it all my favorite things from friends...alot whom I have never met but it makes me feel all cozy knowing that there are such wonderful people out in the world.
Remember in one of my posts saying how I didn't like the crack down the back of the bowl rack. Well, creative me fixed it! I cut a piece of black scrapbook paper and taped it on the back and voila! Now I can't see the wall between the boards anymore! And to think I was going to get rid of this lovely piece...sure am glad I didn't!
Prints came from ebay...don't remember who made them. They came only on artist canvas so I framed them in inexpensive thrift store frames that I picked up for $1.00 for both. Gotta love those thrift stores!
This is where I was going to put the fireplace, but the kids got a new keyboard for their lessons so had to go here. I enjoy listening to them play while I'm on the computer. And it doesn't look half bad. I found some old hymn books that I have displayed on it when they aren't using it! LOL...
New/old chair that I fell in love with. This was a dear friends. Same lady that the spinning wheel came from.
This side of the room has a long closet cause this used to be a bedroom at one time. I really want to get rid of the closet but like hubby says where would you put all the stuff! True..true but the room would be bigger and I could bring my spinning wheel down from the bedroom and it would give me a whole other wall to decorate...and.....well you know how that went.NOT!!!
This little corner cupboard came from a local thrift store not sure if I like it here or not so I'm going to live with it for awhile and see.
This is looking into the diningroom. You can still see the ugly green carpeting.
Better picture of my bowl rack and all the goodies.
These are the new curtains I made. Fell in love with the fabric which I never would have seen myself liking this before but somehow my tastes have changed, evolved don't know exactly what happened.
So I hope you enjoyed taking a look at what I've been up to.
Have a wonderful week friends and stay cool. I'm stuck in the house with my asthma so I gotta find ways to keep busy. Now I'm working on the stayed tuned.


  1. Love all your teasures in your dinning room.
    It looks wonderful. Funny I just posted about me liking something I never would have thought. And how our tastes change.
    Stay cool indoors friend.

  2. Gorgeous photos of your dining room! Everything sits together so well - you've done a great job!
    Love it when it all comes together!
    Best wishes

  3. Love your bowl rack, clever way to fix the crack, have to remember that, sometimes you find wood items with cracks. One of my favorite things to collect bowls and bowl racks. Your displays are really nice, love the doll, your curtains turned out well, nice fabric, things are really special when you receive them from friends. Take care. Vicky

  4. Simply Beautiful!. You displayed everything really nice.

  5. Theresa, I love what you have done in your dining room. Love ALL you accessories. Curtains look great. With all your pretties, no one wilk notice your floor. Don't sweat over it. Love everthing. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks great! I'm loving the duck decoy on top of your computer stand! Hey, I have an extra sconce like the one in your last photo...want it? Let me know.
    Your dining room looks very inviting. I really love the curtains!
    Hope you feel better!

  7. Wonderful job~ looks so pretty~ everything flows together perfectly~
    have a wonderful day

  8. Everything looks great! Boy, you have some really neat thrift store finds!

  9. Love your prim decorating, everything looks awesome! Hugs, Lecia

  10. Love your dining room makeover! Everything looks wonderful.I especially love the bowl rack and curtains.Great job!Hugs,Jen

  11. Like your makeover, really pretty. I have a keyboard sort of similar. I was thinking of making a sort of curtain shaped like the top, front, and sides, like a slip cover for the keyboard. You could just slide it off to use it, then slide back on. The music rack could easily hold some ties or straps to keep it in place in between music sessions. just a thought, it might work for both of us. Love your room. You can dye carpet, Google it, don't know if you want to go that route or not. Thanks for sharing!

  12. everything looks amazing !Heres a good one for ya too,small world this is,I was born in Uniontown Pa.Funny huh:)have a wonderful week!big hugs michelle

  13. Right Theresa, am giving it my best shot and hoping that it is 3rd time lucky for me to add my comment, here goes . . .

    Both you and hubby have done a tremendous job on your dining room makeover, I love the crocs and your colonial prints are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your home,