Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Master bedroom gets a makeover!

So I've been working on our master bedroom for a couple of weeks and just can't seem to get the feel I want. This is how it looks after all the cleaning and rearranging and DECLUTTERING!!! I need to have another yardsale again!!! I'm happy with the bedding for now. I turned my yellow quilt over to the plain side and added another old quilt that I forgot I had stored in daughter's closet. Kind of like how this is looking. I'm sure there will be lots more tweaking but for now its OK. Let me know what you think. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and remember how important the little things in life are! Hugs ♥T



  1. Your bedroom looks very nice...Love the quilt..

  2. It looks wonderful! What a great old quilt. I love your bed.

  3. I love your bedroom. I do think it needs some greenery which will give the room life. Just my opinion (I love live plants! To me it gives a certain added punch to any room.)


  4. Everything looks wonderful! You did a really good job! I hope you are having a great week!


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  6. I love your room!! I think everything looks great! That quilt is so cool! The cabinet above the fireplace is awesome! Great job!! ♥

  7. How wonderful to have a fireplace in your bedroom! Oh my, I would never leave that room, hehe! I love your prims and especially that quilt!