Friday, July 9, 2010

Woo Hoo!!! Got my winnings from Misi!!!

Well can I just tell ya that for this being my first giveaway win it was SUPER!!!! Misi blessed me with awesome goodies! I've been playing around with them all day and I'm sure they will eventually find a good home but for now I'm having so much fun with all of it.

The wonderful colonial papers and brown feather were in my goodie box from 1890gablehousemusings They look awesome on my new colonial desk.

Check out this amazing silouette primt that she made. I LOVE it!

More goodies from Misi! I'm telling you it was like Christmas at my house and the box smelles so yummy, even my dog was helping me! Looky here! Simpler Thymes sign, a firkin, and a kewl silouette box. She also included a mini basket with sweet annie which hasn't found a home yet and a wonderful prim card thanking me for following her. Thank you Misi for such a super giveaway!!!

Now for some of you that don't see my photos on webshots...I thought I'd share some of my Laundry room displays. So here they are. Let me know what ya think. Alot of my prims in here are hand-me-downs from my parents which of course belonged to my grandparents. So all the more meaningful to me.



  1. Love your displays and congratulations on you winning the desk set,I love it!!!! You have a beautiful prim home!!!

  2. Evertthing looks so prim.. Love it...

  3. Enjoyed your pictures! Don't you just love little brooms?!

  4. Wow! That is an awesome giveaway you won!! I've won a few and they are so much fun to receive!

    Thank you for posting your laundry room pictures. I worked in mine earlier this year, getting it set how I wanted it now I'm decorating it. I have picked up some awesome ideas from you already! I love the little brooms with homespun and muslin on them. Definitely something on my list to pick up! The jars with labels are cute! A must for my room because I picked up an "Apothecary" sign on clearance. It's all very prim and I'm sure makes it much more fun to do laundry now, right? =]