Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One down....2 to go?????

So if you looked at my last'll see that I was undecided about taking down my borders. Well today I came home and tackled the one in the first picture from my last post. That seemed to be the most logical one and I thought the easiest one. I never realized how much glue they use on them. It took me about 2hours to get it all down. It was up there for a few years and apparently I put it up and THEN decided to paint
See what I mean!!!! So now I gotta decide on a paint color...either paint it the green or go neutral...more work for me!!! But I gotta love change! Funny,my neighbor was over today and she said...why do you do this to yourself? And I said I like to change things around...makes me happy...she never changed anything since her and her hubby built their house. He has since passed and now she doesn't want anything to change. Not sure I could ever be like that...she still has paneling same furniture arrangements and same paint colors. So how about you gals and guys does it make you happy changing your homes decor and why do you do it?
Big Hugs ♥T


  1. I like change, in fact, I am working on
    my bathroom....I painted a couple wood
    pieces and the frame around the mirror...
    I am also making a shower curtain to
    cover the shower doors...I am looking
    forward to seeing your place all done.
    I have border to put up in one bedroom,
    I still like it, so I am going to tackle
    that one of these days.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. I constantly move things around so much it drives my hubby crazy at times... But I have vowed to not move the silverware any more... ha ha one of his pet peeves when I go all Kitchen crazy... I just recently painted my kitchen a yellow color after I had painted it last year a more tan colour.. ha ha

  3. I think I keep changing 'cause I couldn't find "the look" I was really wanting....FINALLY, it seems to be coming together! Been through the border phase...sunflowers....watering name it...I've probably had the border! LOL!
    Now,I have border in the two bathrooms...but that will only be until we can put the beadboard up in both of them....I am stenciling a simple stencil in our Shaker-inspired bedroom...started making the nubby muslin window toppers for in there today...everything is very plain in there compared to what I normally have...and it's brown tones with black wood accents, except for our four-poster bed, antique trunk and dresser...I did leave the wood finished as it is...
    Best to you on your makeover!

  4. I am constantly changing things around..It also makes me happy when I do this..Fortunately my husband has learned after 32 years to just go with the flow..A matter of fact, he now sometimes will suggest to move something and I am like...There ya go..That's why I love you so much..

  5. Nothing stays in the same place for long at my house...and after all these years, my husband has finally adjusted..:) I love taking apart groupings and giving them a fresh look.I love to move furniture if I can get away with it. I think it is all a creative process that ya just gotta makes me happy!

  6. Change is good for the soul! Can't wait to see what you end up doing, I am thinking you will probably do another paint color.. ;)

  7. You go girl!! Rock on! You're gonna be so happy!

  8. I love to move things around it makes me happy but I'm sure it doesn't make DH happy although he doesn't say to much:)

  9. It makes me very happy to change things. I always try to allow myself a little tweaking time every night. Even if it a slight change it makes me happy. Glad to see that I am not the only one! I hope you had a great day!


  10. Gotta love change!!! I makes me feel good to changes/tweak things from time to time! I can't wait to see everything when you're done=)

  11. Change is good! It keeps things fresh. I always feel great after changing a room. I can't wait to see what you decide to do.

  12. I love to change things up, hubby says he can't keep up, always moving things. I bet you change all of your paint colors as you remove the borders. I think removing them is the right decision.

  13. Little changes are something I make regularly. I think it is just perfect, and then one day everything looks wrong, so then I make bigger changes. Fun for me, too!