Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A new look and some new treasures

Well I finally did it! I took down some more wallpaper border. This time it was in the LR. Its still up on 3 of the walls but this one is gone!!!! And it was replace with a pegrack made by my DH. He disappeared on saturday evening and came back in the house with this an hour later and said this is all that I had to work with so I hope you like it. Well, I love it. I got busy right away painting and sanding and he put it up Sunday for me. Then I had to scour the house for treasures to fill it. The baskets all came from the thrift store, the garland from my BFF-Robyn aka Primlish, and the sweet annie from ebay. So what do you think?

Now on to my new treasure I found today at the Amish store. I was just about finished looking and had to go around the store once more and boy am I glad that I did. I found this stitchery for $8.
Really didn't like the brown and gold frame, but I knew it had potential so I grabbed it and brought it home to work some magic. Since I love blue so much I figured why not!!! And with sandpaper and brush I went to town. And here is the end result.
I love how it came out...look at the picture on the stitchery up close. It is a saltbox home, George and Martha Washington, 2 soldiers and the saying Ye Olden Days. It's a new favorite of mine!!!And here it is up on the wall with a little shelf my dad made when he was in 8th grade shop. A true treasure to me!!!!
Here's the other treasures I found today.
The book I found is called Child Rhymes and was given as a gift to Edith Green from Ruth King for Christmas in 1921. I can only imaagine the joy it must have brought to that little girl.
The illustrations in this book are simply beautiful. Books will always hold a special place in my heart. Must be the teacher in me.
This picture is from the rhyme Little Orphan Annie. Isn't it just the cutest. I can't wait to sit down and read some of these tonight. Hope you all had a wonderful day and enjoyed the weather whatever God blessed you with today!
Hugs ♥T


  1. The peg rack looks great and also looks great the way you have it set up! You did good on the stitchery that you bought and great job on the frame! I just redid a shelf that is kind of like the one your dad made in shop. I just have to stain it and it will be done!

  2. I just love how you draped the garland on your peg rack, which btw is awesome! Great job Art!!
    Love the stitchery and the new frame color! It looks perfect next to your Dad's super cool shelf! Love the style!
    That book is so cool and will look great with your new book light!
    Great finds at the Amish store!

  3. lookin good gf and great finds!!!! BIG prim hugs, Amy♥

  4. I love the sampler! What a great find. I really like that broom, too! You did good!

  5. I just love the whole look-the peg board and shelf are really lovely!

    You did a great job on the x stitch-looks amazing:)

    Have a great day, Shazy x

  6. Hey let's give a free ad for the Amish Store!
    Hillside Variety on Pine Mountain Road, Loganton, Pa! To the locals this store is called "Lizzie's" They go to auctions and estate sales and fill up their warehouse like building. You can get furniture and household goods and all sorts of "junk", for REALLY low prices. I'm not prim and I LOVE this store. The people are great and there is always something different.

  7. Hey "sis" gotta love that store...always come home with treasures!

  8. Love the peg rack ~ awesome job. I tried to find you on FB and your treasures on webshots with no luck. Just wanted to see what you are selling.

  9. Great job on the uplift with your home decor!

  10. Hubby did a great job and I love how you've decorated it! Thrift store baskets, huh? You're my kind of girl! =]

    That sampler is awesome! You did a great job on the frame. I have been collecting primitive patriotic for my living room. I mainly have Lincoln things, but I really, really like this Washington sampler! Great find!

    I have a heart for old books too! Especially ones like you found. I love when they are hand written in the front to someone. That is so special!