Monday, April 5, 2010

Borders or No Borders

Hello blogging buddies!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
Well with spring finally here I want to freshen up the house a bit and am need of some advice. I've been looking at everyones houses and am not seeing any borders anymore. So I was wondering what your thoughts are...want to take down the borders and change some things around...Should the borders go? Hugs ♥T


  1. I think your borders look great! I had borders in my last 2 homes & had orginally planned on doing stenciled borders at this house but decided that I liked the simpler look of not having them. So if it were me I would probably go without. I can't wait to see your changes!

  2. Oh, your borders are so pretty! But, I love change! Go for it!!!

  3. I like your borders....Im not sure what I would do. I dont have any in my house but I do like it when I see them in others! Look forward to seeing what you decide!

  4. You know there are some neat borders out there and I used to have some but then I decided I really love the primitive look and if you think about it, they didn't have wallpaper borders then. So I decided to do away with mine. By the way,I had that exact same border that you show in your last picture.