Monday, January 31, 2011

♥Signs of Spring♥ It's coming! I think....





101_2803 My winnings from Misi...aren't they cute~








Thanks for taking a peek at my touch of Spring. Hmmmm....we're supposed to get a 48hour storm here in PA so I guess I'll just have to enjoy my Spring inside. I went to the store today and got the necessities...bread, milk, diet coke and hershey kisses. So I'm prepared to be in the next few days. How about you? Stay safe and stay warm.
Hugs ♥T

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

****I'm a WINNER****

If you follow Misi's display chain on tuesdays, you know she is always up to something and giving something great away. Well, this week I had the pleasure of WINNING! I am so thrilled to win. Can't wait to get my bunny and whatever else she has in store for me...I'm sure it will be wonderful. If you haven't checked her blog out please do so.
Here's a photo of the bunny I won. Isn't he just the cutest.
Thanks again Misi. Have a great evening friends.
Hugs ♥T

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain

It's Tuesday again and time for Misi's display chain. I hadn't planned on posting because my computer crashed and so I don't have any new photos to show...these I dug out of my webshots. I do sew but haven't blewn the dust off my machine in almost a year. So here's my NO SEW curtains...which I love. I cheated and taped a hem in a coverlet and hung it as a curtain.

This is one of my favorite dolls I made last year and the only one I kept for myself.
And last but not least is my collection of kitties...some by me some by prim friends. LOVE them!

Hope you enjoy your day friends and can't wait to see what everyone else LOVES. Hugs and have a great day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Display Chain....♥Valentine's♥

So glad to be back with Misi's Tuesday Display Chains. This week is ♥Valentine's♥ Thought I would start off by showing some of my displays from around the house.
I love my ornie's I got from Misi so much that I added them to my little tree along with some stuffed ♥'s I made.
Another favorite of mine is my Raggedy Anne from DH. He knows how much I love her and when I was little I had one that I carried around everywhere well from all the love she got tossed away and he searched flea markets till he found a replacement for me. Thanks hunny!
The CD is one of my favortite blasts from the past. Steelheart...I am probably dating myself here cause its from the early 90's and my favorite song on it is Angel Eyes. Check it out on Utube if you can...gotta wonder how this guy hits those high notes!!!!
And of course I had to leave you with some sweets...hubby snapped the photo for me. I love it!
Oh and I had to toss in some ♥'s with my greens on my front porch...don't they just look so pretty with all the greenery!
Hope everyone enjoys my little bit of "love" I spread around my home. Can't wait to see all of your displays
Hugs and smooches♥T

Saturday, January 8, 2011

goodies for sale!

Been cleaning house today and found these prims to let go of. If interested email me or leave me a comment. EACH item is $15.00 plus shipping
Thanks so much for looking.
Have a great evening!
Hugs Theresa