Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain

It's Tuesday again and time for Misi's display chain. I hadn't planned on posting because my computer crashed and so I don't have any new photos to show...these I dug out of my webshots. I do sew but haven't blewn the dust off my machine in almost a year. So here's my NO SEW curtains...which I love. I cheated and taped a hem in a coverlet and hung it as a curtain.

This is one of my favorite dolls I made last year and the only one I kept for myself.
And last but not least is my collection of kitties...some by me some by prim friends. LOVE them!

Hope you enjoy your day friends and can't wait to see what everyone else LOVES. Hugs and have a great day!


  1. I totally copied your curtains for my hallway and my back door! A No-Sew is right up my alley!!
    Your dolly is WONDERFUL!! And gotta love the kitties...what great memories attached to all those kitties! ♥

  2. I so love your no sew curtains too! I'm also loving that basket of kitties and the doll too!

  3. Theresa
    wonderful no sew curtains, they look great!Kitties so cute, just have to love a basket of them!
    Great job on the doll, she is just prim!
    enjoy your day

  4. That dollie is just so sweet! And your collection of kitties in the basket is a great display idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the curtains!!! And the doll!!! really everything! So hard when our computers are not working isn't it? OLM

  6. very nice and I love the kittys.

  7. I wouldn't have guessed that the curtains were a no-sew! LOL! They look great! I love all your kitties too!
    I am still trying to get comfortable with my new sewing machine, mine was broken, and so I have been hand sewing everything for the past three years, it's hard to get used to using a machine again. I am trying.
    Have a good evening,

  8. Theresa, I LOVE the basket of cats! I usually have at least one live on in one basket or another, but this is such a cute display. I really like all the colors blending together. ~Ann

  9. Hi Theresa,
    Sometimes no sew is best. :) I just love the simple doll you made...and who can resist a basket of sock kitties? Everything looks wonderful!

  10. Good job on the curtain. Love the dolly and the basket of kitties, adorable!!

  11. Love your kitties!!!!!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  12. I love the fabric you used for you curtains! It's a pretty color and pattern. Adorable doll and kitties! I always sell or give away my "last item"... I need to quit doing that.