Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Display Chain....♥Valentine's♥

So glad to be back with Misi's Tuesday Display Chains. This week is ♥Valentine's♥ Thought I would start off by showing some of my displays from around the house.
I love my ornie's I got from Misi so much that I added them to my little tree along with some stuffed ♥'s I made.
Another favorite of mine is my Raggedy Anne from DH. He knows how much I love her and when I was little I had one that I carried around everywhere well from all the love she got tossed away and he searched flea markets till he found a replacement for me. Thanks hunny!
The CD is one of my favortite blasts from the past. Steelheart...I am probably dating myself here cause its from the early 90's and my favorite song on it is Angel Eyes. Check it out on Utube if you can...gotta wonder how this guy hits those high notes!!!!
And of course I had to leave you with some sweets...hubby snapped the photo for me. I love it!
Oh and I had to toss in some ♥'s with my greens on my front porch...don't they just look so pretty with all the greenery!
Hope everyone enjoys my little bit of "love" I spread around my home. Can't wait to see all of your displays
Hugs and smooches♥T


  1. Hi, Theresa
    Beautiful>>Beautiful displays! Oh, you just have that touch!
    The outside basket with the greens, pretty, great idea to add the hearts to it!
    Hershey's kisses the way to a woman's heart!LOL
    enjoy the day

  2. Mmmmm..Chocolate kisses are the best.The displays are lovely.I like the idea if the year round trees,no room in my little house I'll have to look for a little one this summer.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Your tickling me here with Steelheart..."Angel Eyes"lol i remember well;0)
    Raggedy Anne** Isn't she just the perfect gal..Love your displays.. Your outside arrangement is gorgeous!!
    Silly you..It certainly Does not look like you need any help here

  4. I love your displays! The hearts in the basket of greens is beautiful!

  5. Love them all!!! The tree in the firkin, my fav!!! WONDERFUL!!! OLM

  6. Hi Theresa!
    Thank you for visiting me! I LOVE your displays, hey, a gal that loves Annies is alright with me! LOL! I love your candle mold~ I see it somewhat, it looks like it's dipped in beeswax. Very nice!
    You know, when I see those Time Life commercials for all the music, I tend to leave it on, so I can hear all the old tunes! LOL! My hubby generally rolls his eyes, I like the one with the ballads, I know that song is on there too.
    Gotta love the 80's!
    I have become a follower now.
    Have a good night.

  7. I love the basket with the greenery and the hearts...and your tree is so cute!

  8. That Ward gets a "Thata Boy" for finding you a Raggedy Anne! He's the keeper!
    Love your tree in the firkin, you decorated it well!
    Rock on Sista!

  9. Just beautiful Theresa! I love your little Annie-and the sweet story behind it. Your little tree is wonderful too. Thanks for sharing Theresa!

  10. enjoyed your displays...just love Annies!

  11. Love all your displays. The red hearts with the greens is a wonderful idea!!

  12. Your Valentine's decor is beautiful! Love the Annie, I collect them. It is such a thrill when I find them at antique stores in pretty good shape at decent prices. Most of the time they are pretty expensive. The hearts in with the greenery and berries is a great idea, love the look! My favorite picture has to be that last one though... chocolate kisses.. mmmm! =]

    Have a wonderful week~