Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Been awhile....where does the time go!

Tried to do some outside decorating this weekend but the weather didn't really cooperate with me. I did get some things done.
Found this chair for "FREE" on the way home so I stopped and grabbed it and threw it in the van. My son was embarressed but not me!


Got this basket at the Thrift store last week for .50 Robyn sent me the cute Abe pillow (Thanks so much)

And look at these lovelies! Wish there was scratch and sniff on blogger. These awesome fruits came from Misi. They look so real and smell yummo!


Reframed the print and added the artichoke...from Misi also got the lil' bowl from Robyn...don't they look so great together?

Put these portraits up in the bedroom where I had the bowl rack. This looks so much more simpler.



Saved the best for last. This was my surprise Mother's day gift! And boy was I surprised! This belonged to a friend of mine who passed away from cancer 2 years ago. RIP Ruth. I always loved it and never expected to get it. Art and the kids each carried a piece of the flax wheel into the house after church. Needless to say I bawled! It is now proudly on display in our bedroom until I can find room for it downstairs. Wow!! I was speechless and anyone who knows me that doesn't happen often!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. I only have 7 more days of preschool and another year is over. Where does the time go?
Hugs and blessings


  1. Wow ~ the flax wheel is an amazing gift. I bet your friend would be so happy knowing you have it. :)
    I really like your "free" chair too ~ my son is only 7 & he still likes when I stop for junk! I dread the day he becomes embarassed of me! lol
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Amazing! Love that spinning wheel! You have some wonderful pieces! My family is used to my diving capabilities! I quit worrying about it long ago! LOL! He may join in with you at some point!
    Have a great week!

  3. Wow! Love it all! Did you make those prints yourself? Do tell..!!

  4. Oh WOW!! That spinning wheel is just beautiful!! How wonderful you have a special momento of your sweet friend.
    I love how you displayed your fruit. I also love how you put the pineapples on the stands! Perfect!

  5. Wonderful displays!! I love the spinning wheel, what a treasure to have as a remembrance of your sweet friend.

  6. Everything is wonderful.The little chair made the vigenette.I have a few things from my dear friend that passed away and they mean so much more than you can imagine.Beautiful old Spinning wheel a real treasure.Is that red box with the lock a voting box? Love it!Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. WOW!!! What a great spinning wheel and memory! Love everything... I have some fruit from Misi too, oh my!!! OLM

  8. Wonderful spinning wheel!! What a beautiful gift!! I would have stopped for that chair too. You have it displayed perfectly.

    Enjoy your evening~Becky

  9. Love the spinning wheel!! That chair was a awesome find and it looks great on your porch!! Misi's fruit is amazing.... I'm going to order some of her strawberries.


  10. Oh Boy *t*!!! Everything looks so pretty!! I am drooling over that green table & oh my gosh *YOUR MOTHERS DAY PRESENT!!! AMAZING GIFT!!
    Your Home is simply gorgeous!!
    Have a great week friend!{{HUGS}}

  11. The flax wheel is just gorgeous! How lucky are you!!!!

    Your photos are wonderful...I love the one with the wood box on the table...perfect setting.