Tuesday, February 22, 2011

♥Tuesday's Display Chain♥ "Bowls"

I just got my snowmen put away over the weekend and haven't had a chance to get into the attic for my Spring and Easter goodies yet.
Not many "bowl" displays for Misi's tuesday display chain, but I did find a few to share. My pictures are pitiful compare to the rest of yours but thught I'd put them out there for all of you to see...don't look to hard cause you may find a few dust bunnies that got away.


101_2971 I don't like this bowl rack much...see how it split...this is hanging in the bedroom which I really don't like but I don't have wall space for it downstairs.




I will try and do better displays for next time...these I'm not happy with at all! Enjoy the rest of your week friends. I hear we're gonna get some more snow by the end of the week. UGH!!
Hugs ♥T


  1. I like the bowl rack. I didn't even notice the crack untill I read it. Your bowl collection is great, its been nice today to see everyones different taste in collecting. Did you say snow, I just hope it is done here this year, we got snow last year on March 1st, winter needs to end. Vicky

  2. I too like your bowl rack. The crack just gives it character. You did a wonderful job on your displays. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I have some bowls similar to what you have. I love the basins, I collect enamelware so your displays are very appealing to me.

  4. Oh Please!!! You have a wonderful collection too!!! Ok the bowl rack, love it... Just a thought...If you are not happy with the crack, how about draping some aged cheesecloth in the back to hide it? though I really don't think you need too....But just a thought... OLM

  5. Call me crazy . . . but I like the bowl rack too! I think it's Prim Perfect! And so are the bowls you've shared!

  6. Theresa~
    Girl you are being hard on yourself~ pitiful display!NO WAY~
    I am with Madalynne the bowl rack is prim perfect~ the split adds character!Look at the patina on the bowls pretty!
    Love enamels~ remind me of growing up!
    The blue spotted are pretty!
    I am thinking you are needing some good old fashioned sunshine~ the snow has us all like yuk~
    My home feels all dusty~ I want to open up the windows & get some fresh air!
    Everytime I do a display~ I feel like no one will look at it or even comment~ we are women~ we want to be pleasing!
    I am always so excited to see one of your posts I find you very inspiring!
    Big hug to you!

  7. I am with the girls! I like the crack! I think it gives it charm! Love all the enamel pieces, I have some of them too, don't have them all out, but I'd like to do something with them.
    I think your home is lovely always!

  8. Enamel bowls on the wall with an apron! LOVE LOVE IT!!! These are great displays *T* ....The blue ring and sponge splatterware are my fav's..Why oh why did i ever collect the green splatter stuff..The blues are beautiful! *so are those brown crock bowls.. B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L Displays
    and ..Oh Me Likey that crack *Character!

  9. T, I love that bowl Rack! Sounds like when you are ready to part with it......you will have to auction it off to us girls! LOL Great displays Girly!

  10. I love your crack...in the bowl rack! Your displays are ALWAYS beautiful!
    Great job!!!

  11. Theresa I LOVED all of your displays!! I agree with everybody I like the bowl rack too. You always do a fabulous job.


  12. Your displays look great to me! I don't mind the crack in the bowl rack - adds to the primitiveness of it. :) Anyway, you did lots better than me - I didn't even get any pictures taken to participate! Great job!

  13. Teresa your bowls are awesome!! I am with everyone else, I LOVE that bowl rack!! It is full of character and the little drawers in it are awesome!! You have some great displays!!

  14. Awesome displays and I'm with everyone else - I like the bowl rack.


  15. Hey Teresa

    Love your displays! And I LOVE your bowl rack. I wouldn't worry about the crack... just makes it look that much more pirm!

    I really like your stool display too!

    Great job!