Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well it's such a beautiful day here that I thought I'd wash some windows in the kitchen and go from there. Now that the kitchen in complete disarray it's time to start decluttering. I took down all the pumpkin goodies and am now just dusting and rearranging things to make way for Christmas decor. However, hubby and the kiddos are not ready for that decor yet so I am just rearranging some everyday prims. I really have way to much stuff and really need to weed out to just favorites or at least pack it away in totes for a rainy day. I am always amazed at how much 'stuff' I have and yet I feel the NEED for more. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT???? Do any of you get like that? Well, I must get back to my mess and get it somewhat put back together before hubby comes home from work.
Have a great weekend friends!
Buggy hugs, ♥T


  1. Absolutely! I purge every spring and collect all summer long. I keep adding those totes to my garage. I can barely fit the car in! I know we need less but I do so love everything.....
    I am just one of the weak ones....
    Hubby doesn't understand but he tolerates whatever I do. :)
    BTW~ I was a Headstart teacher for 20+ years.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I tell myself all the time, "self,you need to get rid of some things". But, to me it's all treasures and each piece has a history and story to tell. It's hard to part with that.

    Blessings, Traci

  3. I always say that... but it's so hard to pick what needs to go. You are not alone, girl!