Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just call me stupid!!!!

So what a beautiful day to head out and do alittle shopping...I packed up the kiddos and headed to their favorite store-Gamestop. After that went to Gander Mountain for jeans for hubby and son then on to my favorite prim store Alechia's.....
She has the greatest prims there found a few goodies for myself and for some of my prim friends.....
Well the kids are hungry by this time so we stopped at BK and grabbed some far a great day for here is where the STUPIDITY of myself comes in.....upon getting to the red light leaving BK there is a sign there as a matter of fact 7 signs that tell you no left hand turn....yeah here it comes I turned left....
Now mind you a cop had just gone by and I figure he won't see me...he must have known what I had planned cause the ticket I got tells me so.....$109.50
Never listen to your 13 year old telling you to just go MOM!!!
I just texted hubby and am now waiting for my punishment....
Hey this was my very first ticket!!!ever and I hope the last I won't be doing that again!!!
Hope everyone gets a good laugh out of this cause I did for being so stupid and now I am super mad at myself!!!!
I will be taking up a collection for my ticket just send your change to YOU CANT FIX STUPID!!!!!


  1. LOL!!
    Oh no sweet heart!!
    Im hate to hear that!
    But to be honest, I could see myself doing the same thing.
    Those 1st tickets really sting, huh. I got my very 1st a couple of months ago, going 45 in a 35 trying to get my daughter to her Dr apt.
    Havent these cops ever heard of a Warning Ticket for 1st time offenders???
    I see my cop all the time and I cant help it...
    I still give him dirty looks!! LOL!!
    I know, he was only doing his job. But Im still mad. LOL!
    Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly for you!!
    Take Care!

  2. aww...i feel bad for you dear! i've only ever had one or speeding which i actually wasn't, my mom was with me but the cop said other wise !!! it was year ago, hubby still don't know about it, lol...shhhhhhhhh!!!! yu live and learn, right???? lots of hugs dear, amy ♥

  3. Gosh! That is terrible. Don't you hate when you get caught doing something silly. But it was your first ticket ever. Most people can not say that. I hope your punishment isn't too! ~Dan~

  4. BUMMER!!! I can totally see me reading the sign while I'm turning left! I agree with Tammy, he should have given you a warning. I would help ya, but I'm not sure if I'll have a job anymore...

  5. OH that brings back memories, lol, we got a ticket of close to that amount once for driving down a road with a "road closed " sign, but the sign was not in the center of the road it was off to the side, so we assumed local traffic was okay, who knew?! Thanks for visiting today, we live in NW Pa about midway between Erie & Pittsburgh:)

  6. OMGosh Teresa...I have to laugh even though the end result isn't funny.
    I did the same thing to my husband once telling him to JUST GO! and it ended up costing us too and he even told the police about me urging him on and the police just had to laugh....
    But glad you had a good day otherwise.
    Hugs, Karen