Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lots of new goodies!

Been so busy here at the homestead. Last weekend was community yard sale days here in Avis and boy was I busy. I had my yard sale friday and saturday cause they are so much work. Well let me say I am thrilled with all that I got rid off. Feels great to purge. I had so much stuff too. Lots of prim goodies went and made others happy and me happy too.

Mom is visiting for 2 weeks so she has been cracking the whip and making me clean. Feels good to get help and get a new perspective on things that I have. We've been cleaning rearranging and purging some more! I'll show you those pictures towards the end of my post.
I joined in on Misi's Summer Swap and here are my summer swap goodies that I received from Amy at Bumblebeelanecottage. What a sweetheart! She sent me and awesome box which I am hiding my envelopes in. Some yummy smelling tarts. A George Washington beeswax ornie and some cute little summery.(Is that even a word)? You'll see them in another photo. Thanks so much Amy! And prayers for you and your Dad during this tough time (((HUGS))).

Got another surprise giftie this week from Rhonda...kattywhompus. What a sweetiepie. I sent her a PIF gift and she gifted me back! Prim friends have such big hearts. Rhonda sent me one of her beautiful stars. It made it way under my new Patriotic tree that my Momma bought me at the thrift store. Now I know I just had a yard sale but I got rid of so much that alittle something had to come home with me! LOL...

Love, love, love this. Can you tell I love this?! I am so trying to SIMPLIFY things around here. I just got the purple flowers...I'm not usually a purple person but these I liked. Misi's wonderful wax fruit which I displayed in a silver bowl...found at the thrift store $3 and the candle lamp also a thrift store find $2. Can you say HAD to have!!! Ummmhmmm. Wait till you see what I found's coming so don't run away yet.

Got this grapevine wreath for $1 and the flag was $3. Been wanting to do this for sometime now. Saw it in Country Sampler.

These adorable lil' slave dolls were a gift from Sandy Schutt. Aren't they they so cute.

And here is my most prized possession of the day....da...da...da...daaaa...

Yep it is PEWTER!!!! Found this at the thrift store today for $1.50. Can you say grab it and run! I wasn't letting this little baby out of my hands. I got some other things that I will share with you another time but thie was the highlight of the day!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for all the wonderful comments. I've been MIA leaving comments for awhile with all the problems with blogger.
Have a great week friends.
hugs ♥*T

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Official!

The title says it's official. I am now the mom of a 9th grader and a 5th grader! Where did all the time go? I'm not ready for Luke to be in high school and for this coming year to be Izzy's last year in Elementary school. Seems like yesterday when we brought them home from the hospital. Now Luke is way taller than me and almost as big as Art. Izzy will pass me up soon too...I'm only 5ft. Today it really hit me that time doesn't stand still for anyone...cherish each day with your child and enjoy your summer.
Hugs ♥*T