Tuesday, February 22, 2011

♥Tuesday's Display Chain♥ "Bowls"

I just got my snowmen put away over the weekend and haven't had a chance to get into the attic for my Spring and Easter goodies yet.
Not many "bowl" displays for Misi's tuesday display chain, but I did find a few to share. My pictures are pitiful compare to the rest of yours but thught I'd put them out there for all of you to see...don't look to hard cause you may find a few dust bunnies that got away.


101_2971 I don't like this bowl rack much...see how it split...this is hanging in the bedroom which I really don't like but I don't have wall space for it downstairs.




I will try and do better displays for next time...these I'm not happy with at all! Enjoy the rest of your week friends. I hear we're gonna get some more snow by the end of the week. UGH!!
Hugs ♥T

Sunday, February 20, 2011

tweaking in the homestead

So Saturday I decided to put the snowmen and other wintery things away at my house in hopes Spring is around the corner. Friday was gorgeous here in Central Pa around 63 degrees, most of the ice and snow is gone which leaves MUD!!! That my wonderful fur baby loves to bring into the house.
After cleaning up the kitchen from the chili and cheese soup I made for our church dinner, I went ahead and did alittle rearranging, by no means am I done, but here's a sneak peek

I slso listed a bunch of prims on facebook so if you want go check out my cacebook page-Theresa Ickes
Have a great weekend friends...
Hugs ♥T

♥♥♥Thanks to Misi for making my new header. She is the best♥♥♥

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain...."Rags"

Hi All,
Had a good time running around the today looking for "rags." Misi is away today so Teresa is holding today's display chain so go check out her blog.
My new display rack from my BFF! Finally got it hung up in the bathroom...Love it!

My favorite Raggedy, from DH. She reminds me of my childhood.

101_2902This is in my Diningroom, a rag hung on a special towel rack from a friend.

101_2904 I found this bucket in my parents basement and had to have it. It was my grandmothers. Just tucked a piece of an old rag into it...just a simple display in the laundry room.

Top of my sewing machine. Added some simple moss covered balls in a wooden bowl for a springy touch! Rag from my friend, Amy and crock I found at the Amish store.

Made these pillows out of some old "rags" to go with my new coverlet.

Hope you enjoyed my "rags" for today.
Thanks to Teresa for hosting this weeks display chain.
Be sure to check out everyone's posts.
Have a great week friends!
Hugs and blessings♥T

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Early ♥Valentine♥from my sweet Hubby!




Art surprised me today with these beautiful roses for ♥Valentine's Day♥
They look so pretty with all my prims.
Been working today on the bathroom...fun.fun.fun! Felt alittle like Cinderella when I was scrubbing the floor. Did some tweaking to my walls in there too. Will post pictures later. Back to do some more cleaning.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day friends. Remember to tell all those you love how much they mean to you EVERYDAY!!! Love to you all!!!
Hugs ♥T

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day!

Waiting to see what Phil says this morning. Will we have 6 more weeks of Winter or an early Spring. I'm hoping for an early Spring.

Schools are closed again today so we will be home today baking cupcakes and doing some cleaning.
Wherever you are today...stay safe!
Hugs ♥T